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Hey there

I'm Josh and I design things.

I’m Josh Kennedy and I’m a designer & front-end developer.

I’m not (and have never been) one of three Australian athletes by the same name.

I have a passion for emerging technologies and implementing creative solutions for complex problems. I’ve also been known to wear fake glasses around town to fit in with the locals.

I enjoy confabulating with people from all over the planet and would be giddy out of my knickers if you would drop me a line.

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Execute iOS: Day 3

My Execute iOS journey continues with a brief update. I spent time on Thursday and Friday diving into Xcode. I'd used it before to run some demo apps and for mobile usability testing, but this was my first knee-deep shuffle through the process of starting a project.

Execute iOS: Day 2

Today marks another step in my journey towards iOS fluency. As explained in the previous post, I'm learning iOS by designing and building my very own app while following along with the good fellows at Execute iOS.

Execute iOS: Day 1

I caught wind last week of Execute iOS, a product launched by Josh Long and Sam Soffes in which Sam teaches Josh how to code an iOS app in three days.

The Death of the Designer

The past three-and-a-half years have been a whirlwind of trial-and-error learning experiences. Singapore is ever-changing; it’s a proverbial amoeba of skyscraper highs and bargain-basement lows. In order to survive in such a fast-paced, career-centric society, one quickly learns to adapt, to re-learn how to learn.